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Commercial and Residential Garage Doors
  • Stripped out gears
  • Defective circuit boards
  • Electrical issues
  • Broken chain links
  • Worn, loose, jammed or frozen parts
  • Bent or misaligned rails
  • Lack of proper lubrication or adjustment
Sectional Overhead Door Repairs
  • Broken torsion springs
  • Broken cables
  • Door off track
  • Defective rollers
  • Damaged panels
  • Cable jump drums
  • Bent track - Damaged track
Residential Garage Door Maintenance Service
Some typical problems are:
  • Fall out of adjustment with daily use
  • Components can loosen
  • Components come out of alignment
  • Roller failure
  • Door come off track or derail completely
Automatic Garage Door Opener Repairs

We all love the convenience of Automatic Garage Door Openers, with proper regular maintenance, inspection and care; automatic garage door openers are usually very reliable, safe and functional. However sometimes there are problems, resulting in the need for garage door opener repair or service. Typical garage door openerproblemsvaryintheir cause:
Make sure and confident that Family Garage Doors will be properly repair any garage door opener issue that can be repaired. Our expert and skilled technicians have experience in any leader brand in the market.

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